I am a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland.

For me photography is most of all a creative process.

What fascinates me most is the opportunity to make my thoughts and ideas visible – the ability to transform the abstract into something concrete.  I like the idea, that with my imagery I can tell a story or make a statement. Or process emotions – may them be my own or someone else’s. But I have nothing against beautiful landscapes either. Nor am I tired to try to stop the time and enjoy the silence. This leads to the fact that my body of work is a bit of a mishmash. But then again, I guess that is how I am. A some what curious wanderer always ready to find out what’s behind the next corner.

My aim is to combine both the artistic and the technical in my photography. When succeeded, I hope the image will attract the attention of a viewer. But most of all, as Mick Rock has put it: “I need the therapy of taking photographs and I don’t mean just snapping, which I do a decent amount. I mean a session – something I can bite on, as it were”.