I am a passionate photography enthusiast and photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. Those attributes come specifically in this order, since there still is so many different things to learn and so many skills to master. To me photography is most of all a creative process. I feel myself to be an image maker rather than an image taker. And in that making imagination is the only limit – and sometimes the skills too, but they tend to increase when one boldly goes where one has never been before, and when one doesn’t let the thought of not knowing how prevent one from doing. What fascinates me in photography is the opportunity to make my thoughts and ideas visible; the ability to transform the abstract into concrete. With my images I can tell a story or make a statement. I can make people laugh, or give them something to think about. I can use photography to process my own emotions, or I can come up and write a script, jump into a role and see where it takes me. For me the inspiration often comes from music, but literature, theatre and and other art forms are a great source of inspiration too. You may find either direct or indirect references to these springs of inspiration in my images.

As a photographer I try to keep my mind open for new ideas and it’s not hard to get me to try out something new, may it be a new photographic style or technique. Landscape photography has always been very close to my heart and when I started to take photography more seriously in 2009 (when I could buy my first DSLR) I shot mainly landscapes. To try to capture the beauty and diversity of nature is always very pleasing and challenging. In the last couple of years I’ve started to broaden my territory and explored the art of self portraiture and compositions. That is why my image galleries include everything between traditional landscapes and conceptual self portraits and from series to street photography. For some this mishmash may be an indication of amateurishness (which it probably is), but for those who know me, versatility (if not complexity) shouldn’t come as a surprise. That is how I am, some what peculiar wanderer for who anything easy or simple is not enough. Furthermore, I believe that one can find her (or his) own way only by travelling several bypaths. That said, my images do have at least one common nominator too and that is emotion, which I hope to be passed on to the viewer. That emotion can be sad and gloomy or happily light and romantic. And in this perspective too my images tell something about me. It might be fun to dwell in anxiety and despair for a while, but in the end joyful swing and free jazz takes the lead again.

I think my journey as a photographer is at the moment somewhere halfway there. I’ve travelled already few bypaths and I feel like I’m starting to find my own way, style and sound. What has surprised me most during the journey so far has been how much I’ve got and learned here in social media. I’ve taken part in some great mentorships but most of all I’ve met and had the chance to get to know some amazing photographers, who have encouraged me on my own path and to take on challenges that have made me cross my comfort zone more than once. Now I would like to give something back, so if someone finds my website and finds from here even a slight part of that same enthusiasm and joy of creation that I’ve had, I would be very happy.

And if I can pass through my images some joy and happiness for at least one viewer, I would be more than happy :)