Look At Me! (you can see me, right?)


Look at me, what do you see

my naive sense of trust I put in you

or the touch of lust you inherently brew

my untainted hope raised unrestrained, transformed into rope that keeps me chained


You're Fake!


Look at me, what do you see

my growing sense of baseness  for your act

or my increasing touch for alternative fact

from now on they will trumpet my truth, for I’m right

leave you feeling blunted, being wrong, it’s useless to fight 

(very strong) Sense of a Doubt


Look at me, what do you see

when there is no sense of a doubt, I will remove my mask

when all you have is touch of a pout, I will fulfill my task

and give you what you’re asking for, the certainty of one truth

and you’ll take it without questioning, without any proof

Look at me, what do you see

you’re too easy to fool with vulgar seduction

so go on your way, the path to certain destruction


Every now and then these times really make me feel frustrated and I just feel the urge to speak out my mind. So here are few words to sum up my thoughts at the moment.

Please, feel free to tweet about it!

The images were shot in 21st of January not for any particular reason or project – at the time I just wanted to play with (yet another) visual and musical inspiration by Bowie I had had for a while. I wasn’t that pleased with my results then, so I thought these would never see the light of day. But as this text started to emerge in my mind last week, it got me going back to them and this time they spoke to me differently and it started to feel I could use them to illustrate my current sentiments.  These thoughts have been brewing for a long time of course, but these last couple of months has just been the last straw, so to speak. Perhaps the urge to play with this inspiration on that particular weekend came from the same shock that led to these words now. Since the original inspiration is so evident in the imagery, I wanted to add some reference to it also in the text. 

Here are the raw-files from that shoot. Still don’t like the ones with a hat…




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