This mini-series came to be from three different springs of inspiration suddenly coming together.

Firstly I had this (in my mind) funny idea to use the pink dress and yellow toy duck for a self portrait over a year ago, but I never shot it – in the end it didn’t feel as a good enough idea.
Secondly I saw this invitation to a competition a little while back on Ello. Anyone was free to enter with three images that some how combined fashion and art. I’m not sure how fashionable my shots are, but the idea was intriguing, so I wanted to shoot something for it.

The third spring of inspiration, that actually lead me to the main “point” in these images, came from a man from who’s mouth I’ve recently heard one chauvinist joke too many. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it and that he really thought he was being funny, but I couldn’t help to notice that the jokes really irritated me. Clearly I have been fortunate to live surrounded by quite intelligent men (who at least know when to shut up, even if they were making the same jokes when there were no women around) since I suddenly realised I hadn’t really heard these kind of jokes before.
So it was this newly found angry feminist in me that put these three pieces together :D


You can find the images in gallery here.

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