Tragic youth was looking young and sexy
The tragic youth was wearing tattered black jeans
Bearing arms and flaunting all her mischief
The tragic youth was going down on me


I still don’t remember how this happened
I still don’t get the wherefores and the whys
I look for sense but I get next to nothing
Hey boy welcome to reality


I’ve been right and I’ve been wrong
Now I’m back where I started from
Never looked over reality’s shoulder



For David Bowie on 8th of January 2018 what would have been his 71st birthday. You amaze me still.


Even as I felt I had to shoot something to honour David´s memory and the ongoing inspiration his music and art keep giving me, I didn’t have any ideas – real-life hustle keeps draining my creativity. So I decided to leave it to chance. I put my headphones on, opened the music library in my phone, selected artist David Bowie and pushed shuffle. What ever should play first would be my topic.

As usual, the chance worked beautifully. Not only did the lyrics start by such a distinct description that I immediately knew what to go for, but I also felt that I, at this exact point of my life, related strongly to the song. And in more than one ways. That is actually one of the great things about the vastness of Bowie’s discography: there are so many songs, that you’re bound to come up every now and then with one that you feel you haven’t heard for a while, and as you think how great the song was (for you had almost forgotten), you usually end up picking up something new; a new reference, a new interpretation, a new silent track you hadn’t really heard before, or, as in this case, a new meaning for yourself personally.

So I keep on believing in chance. At least as long as David Bowie is concerned :)

About the image. Apart from the reference to the lyrics, there is another from the Masayoshi Sukita’s Heroes session with David in 1977 (hence the leather jacket, again) and a third one from the Gerald Fearnley session with young David in 1967 (hence the pose). And the quote is by David Bowie, Reality.



p.s. the jeans were harmed during the session




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