Hello world! Are you ready to meet Vuokko? She surely is ready to charm your socks off!


How old are you Vuokko? I’m three!


I’m delighted to present to you this wonderful 3-year-old young lady, whose joyfulness took me over the second I stepped into her home.

Vuokko´s Mom is a very good friend of mine and we had planned to do a photoshoot with Vuokko since summer 2016. But it wasn’t until December when we at last had a chance to carry it out. I’m so happy that we did, since it was a very fun photoshoot!





This time I hadn’t made any special plan for the shoot –  we were just going to take some pretty casual looking portraits of Vuokko at home. I had asked Vuokko’s Mom to think beforehand if she wanted the images to be shot in a particular spot or with specific clothes or favourite toys etc. I also said that she could choose the clothes Vuokko would wear so, that we would get some colour into the images. To that she immediately said that they did have this yellow rocking chair, that might fit to our idea. And once I saw the chair I totally agreed – especially when Vuokko was wearing simple black and white, so the colours wouldn’t cause any clutter.  So after a minor redecoration we started to shoot. 











I have to say that Vuokko was an excellent model, and I do have to thank her Mom too, for keeping up the fun mood. The day was a great pleasure for me, not only to take the photos, but also to see the warm and close-knit connection they had.

Afterwards, while I was enjoying a very enjoyable cup of coffee, I was able to witness, that Vuokko is not only a very happy little girl. She is very clever too, as I could tell when watching her playing chess with her Dad. There’s going to be nothing this girl can’t do, when growing up!



Lusi wasn’t exactly sure if he wanted to be involved :)



All images shot at 10.12.2016. Posted here with the permission of her parents.




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