I can see you as a corpse
Hanging from a beam
I can read you like a book
I can feel you falling
I hear you moaning in your room
Oh see if i care
Oh please. Please make it soon

Walls have got you cornered
You’ve got the blues my friend
And people don’t like you
But you will leave without a sound, without an end


I hope you feel so lonely
You could die
You could die
You feel so lonely
You could die

When I started to shoot this series, I only had a vague idea what I wanted to achieve. All I knew was that I was extremely inspired by this beautiful room and equally happy that I had got the permission to shoot in it while my stay in Paris. So I just let the moment take its lead and this is where it took me – to a moment when one feels like living up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll cliche.

Shot in Paris, Hotel de Banville, 25.7.2016.

Lyrics by David Bowie, from the song You Feel So Lonely You Could Die (from the album The Next Day).


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